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  • gpexe


    Gpexe is a high-resolution GPS system designed to analyze the physical performance of athletes. The gpexe device is the first GPS device for football, soccer and outdoor sports performance Read More
  • CoachMe Plus

    CoachMe Plus

    The most complete coaching and athlete data management platform. Used by over 250 teams across all sports- major pro, college, and elite high school leagues. Now your coaches can Read More
  • FitLight Reaction Training

    FitLight Reaction Training

    Wireless LED light reaction training system and timing gates. The Fitlight Trainer is used to improve skills, hand-eye coordination, reaction and response time, and dynamic visual acuity. Read More
  • Zephyr GPS Performance Tracking

    Zephyr GPS Performance Tracking

    Zephyr GPS is the most advanced player performance monitoring system available. A true medical-grade heart rate and physiological tracking wearable with advanced movement and tri-axial accelerometry force measurement... Read More
  • Zephyr GPS Wearable

    Zephyr GPS Wearable

    Zephyr GPS Biomonitor is the most comprehensive movement performance, and Force biomonitor with accurate Heart rate Breathing Rate Read More
  • PRODIGY Data Visualization

    PRODIGY Data Visualization

    Unleash the Prodigy within with the amazing clarity of JST Prodigy custom dashboards. Discover the whole story of what your athlete data is telling you... Read More
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