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Jodie Johnson Training Clients on the Vertimax V8 EX Toronto Bluejays Training Camp


Jodie Johnson
Founder & General Manager

Jodie Johnson of JST-Johnson Sports Training and now PRODIGY Sports Science and Analytics has the experience to provide the highest level of training services and bring new performance technologies to our clients.  Johnson's experience within the field of athlete training for all sports began with his own training for competition in high school and at the collegiate level. Jodie participated in the sports of football, basketball, and baseball.  Though his competitive career was cut short due to injuries, he remained dedicated to continuing his own training for his involvement in amateur and recreational athletics.  

Johnson's real experience training other athletes began at the University of Tampa while serving as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for The University for four years from 1997-2001.  While at Tampa successes came quickly to his athletes. Team and individual accomplishments were substantial: including a National Championship Swimmer in the Breast Stroke, Quarterfinal, Semifinal and National Finalist Teams in Volleyball, several All-American Athletes in Volleyball, and several All-Conference honors in all major sports.   A significant concentration in the area of injury prevention ensured extremely low incidence of serious athlete injuries. 

During his tenure at the University of Tampa, Jodie was also operating his private training practice out of his training facility in Tampa-JSF Johnson Sports Fitness. Splitting his time between the University and his own facility and beginning to attain experience with a more diverse group of athlete clientele including pre-high school, high school, and professional athletes. Jodie quickly became a sought after strength and performance coach adding substantially to his base of great collegiate athletes that he was already working with.  

Johnson developed a broadened reach including pre-season involvement with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tampa Bay Lightning Strength and Conditioning Programs that used the University's facilities for offseason training at that time.  Jodie was now in demand as a personal trainer for professional football and soccer athletes.  During his University of Tampa stint, Jodie was also successfully involved with the USF Women's Tennis team as well as the Palmer Tennis Academy; taking on the full responsibility for both of their team training programs.  

Many other JST clientele have had incredible success while working in Jodie's training programs which include attainment of the following accolades: College Baseball's Player of the Year, High School Softball All-American, 2nd and 3rd Round draft picks in professional baseball, Women's World Cup Soccer Team Members, a 7th Round draft pick in professional football, a Minor League Baseball All-Star, and Johnson's growing pool of athletes being awarded numerous Collegiate Scholarships.

Today though Jodie still retains many of his Pro Clients in the offseason, Regularly Consults with Eckerd College and Brings new European and Asian technologies to market. Johnson spends his time running the day to day operations of JST Prodigy and helping new companies bring their Technologies to NCAA and North American Pro Sports. In 2017 JST has become a highly sought after technology and consulting partner to many Florida and International Companies, and an ever growing list of Division I and Pro NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and MLS Client teams and Performance Coaches that find the latest Sports Science driven Technologies necessary to stay on the winning edge.  Jodie Regularly Consults for diverse Companies and private performance facilities such as Vertimax, ASPI, Beast Fitness, US SOCCOM, DOD, and US Special Forces Miltary Human Performance Groups.

Jodie Johnson Certifications - 
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist( CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)  
United States Weightlifting Club Coach Certification
Unites States Track and Field Level 1 Coaches Certification

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