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Advanced High-Resolution GPS performance tracking

Gpexe is a GPS system designed to analyze the physical performance of your athletes. A robust outdoor training performance tracking solution for your team. 

The gpexe device is the first GPS device for football, soccer and outdoor sports performance analysis that uses a sampling frequency of 18.18 Hz. By plotting the Doppler speed acquired using that frequency, coaches and staff can interpret the movements of a player right down to individual steps.

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The gpexeweb app allows the user to accomplish an in-depth data analysis for virtually any outdoor sport or training session. Every bit of movement data is graphically represented for all monitored performance variables and available online.

By plotting the Doppler speed acquired using that frequency, coaches and staff can interpret the movements of a player right down to individual steps.

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The GPEXE advantages are many including:

  • Greater accuracy and reliability of all monitored performance data.
  • True real-time monitoring in training, scrimmages, and actual match or games.
  • Unmatched GPS resolution that allows for improved individual movement, loading, and impact data.
  • The system accurately tracks parameters such as position, speed, acceleration and power of the athlete and stores all information in its memory for later download and analysis.
  • The monitoring capabilities are extremely robust compared to competing tracking devices that operate at a lower frequency.

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With a dedicated USB gpexe dongle coaches can download data wirelessly from the gpexe device. It takes about 15 seconds to download a 20Hz, one hour track.  Through the gpexe web app the user can view and analyze all recorded data and in particular information summaries, plots and statistical reports for specific sessions or for the entire season. The software, in the form of a web application, is accessible using any common web browser running on any device – PC, tablet or smartphone – by any authorized user.

All data collected from one or more gpexe devices is transmitted through a high-speed connection to a computer, then via internet to the gpexe cloud. This takes place automatically and requires just a few seconds per each device. 

iPad live app works together with the   gpexe link, a hardware box that can be placed on the pitch for the realtime tracking. It will receive the data from the devices – at 20 Hz, for up to 30 athletes

The gpexe web app permits exporting of summary data or raw data in different file formats like csv, xls, pdf; it also provides an xml export feature to tag specific events within video analysis tools.
It is possible to import data from external tools like radar or video tracking systems to be processed with the
web app and compared directly to the gps tracks.

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Metabolic Power is a measure of the overall amount of energy required, per unit of time, to reconstitute the ATP utilized for work performance.

An interview with Cristian Osgnach on Metabolic Power  "We believe that the metabolic power approach could represent an interesting way to better understand the effort of the players in team sports. Of course, the model needs further improvements (some of which have already been introduced in our upgrades) and it cannot provide a feedback on ‘everything’… however, if the goal is to get a clear picture about the metabolic characteristics of training, I’m sure it can be much more useful than traditional methods based on speed and acceleration thresholds and/or categories."....

Using a synthesis of values beyond traditional speed and distance such as metabolic power, gpexe is a complete GPS system widely used by Pro Soccer Clubs in training and in matches worldwide and throughout European leagues.

gpexecan be used to obtain the individual force-velocity-power (FVP ) profile of every player, allowing the coach to identify the maximal horizontal force, the maximal velocity, as well as a player's capacity to use the available power to accelerate body mass in the forward direction more effectively.

With gpexe the physical effort of your players is additionally evaluated by calculating metabolic power. The metabolic power not only takes into account speed and distance but also athlete acceleration and deceleration.

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The gpexe device is placed in a special, comfortable vest and positioned on the back of the athlete. The device detects the position, speed, acceleration and power of the athlete and store this information in its on board memory.

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gpexe clients

" I compare game with game, the players are divided by role and I make comparisons between the wings.

  During training, I use gpexe to evaluate workloads.If I find big differences, then I investigate why this could

  have happened. My goal is to create targets. I know the load expected for each day and we try to stick with

  that. If during a session the load is too intense or too light compared to the work done previously, I talk with

  the coach to calibrate the following days."

  Trainer Luca Bossi-Triestina Calcio

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Advanced High-Resolution GPS Performance Monitoring

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