JSTAthlete Team and Athlete Training Services Testimonials

Pro Baseball

“Jodie Johnson and JSTAthlete has helped me greatly in my development as an athlete during my first 10 years as a pro baseball player.   I have increased my speed, strength and power while significantly raising my muscle mass & improving my flexibility.  Jodie made a significant contribution in me becoming a very successful Major League Outfielder.” 

“In working with Jodie Johnson and Johnson Sports throughout my first 8 year pro baseball career, I have developed from a fast 170 Lb. 1st round MLB  draft pick and Minor League Player to an even faster and very successful 205 Lb. Major League Player."

"Jodie’s outstanding Baseball-specific training programs have allowed my abilities to significantly improve while staying free of serious injury throughout a significant part of my career.” 

Denard Span, MLB Outfielder
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Denard Span MLB, has played with the  Minnesota Twins, Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giants and Seattle Mariners


 “While training with Jodie and Johnson Sports in the first several years of my pro baseball career, I increased my baseball speed and strength helping me to improve my base running, have more range in centerfield and hit my first professional baseball home runs.  Jodie’s workouts were intense and focused on my baseball-specific needs.”

Kenny Wilson, Former Pro Baseball Athlete with the Toronto Blue Jays, Miami Marlins, Oakland A's and Detroit Tigers Baseball Organizations, 2nd Round MLB Baseball draft pick. 


Pro Football

“To prepare my 10th year in the NFL, I worked with Jodie Johnson and Johnson Sports Training during the 2009 off-season. Our training was intense

and allowed me to get into great physical condition.  I was as fast and strong as I ever have been."

Todd Yoder,  Former Tight End, NFL Washington Redskins


“Jodie  & Johnson Sports played a very important role that contributed to my athletic career at every level from High School, to College, and ultimately to my pro Career. Thanks to Jodie, my athleticism improved significantly at every level and prepared me to excel at each sucessive next level.”      

“Jodie and Johnson Sports have provided me with significant improved speed throughout my career, from High School to the NFL Level.  While in the NFL Jodie has had a substantial impact on how fast I have become."

"During one off-season: I significantly increased my top-end speed, gaving me an extra weapon against those blazing fast NFL defensive backs-allowing me to run faster than I ever have.” 

Logan Payne,  Former NFL Wide Receiver


Pro and National Team Soccer

"When I first was involved with the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, I ranked in the bottom third of the team in Athleticism. After training with Jodie Johnson for 6 months, I improved my athleticism significantly to be ranked as the most Athletic on the team!"

Danielle Fotopolous, Former U.S. National Team Member and Member the U.S. World Cup Championship Team of 1999.




Coach Danielle Fotopoulos (The NCAA Division I all-time leading goal scorer and former U.S. National Team member and also the current head coach of the U-15 National Team. Head Coach Women's Soccer at Eckerd College.   With legendary status at the University of Florida, Danielle Fotopoulos is one of the most notable names in the sport of women’s soccer. She enters her seventh year at Eckerd in 2017, having elevated the Tritons into contending status in the competitive Sunshine State Conference shortly following her arrival on campus.  Danielle was a member of the 1999 FIFA World Cup championship Soccer squad.

"As the Head Coach of Women's Soccer, I worked with Jodie Johnson and Johnson Sports Training JST using the Zephyr Performance Monitoring System.  We used the Zephyr system in pre-season as well as some games during the season. The data we received from the Zephyr system was  extremely valuable to our coaches and athletes because it allowed us to compare the effort of each athlete as well as understand their level of physical conditioning.  This information held our athletes accountable and helped them increase their effort levels.  To our whole coaching staff, this  information helped us learn how to regulate the workloads and recovery processes for our peak performing athletes.
Danielle Fotopoulos  Head Coach Woman's Soccer Eckerd College  

Danielle Fotopoulos and Eckerd Soccer continues its close relationship with Jodie and with JST. Jodie Johnson is the current consulting Strength and Performance Coach for the team.  Now utilizing PRODIGY Data Visualization and other JST Technologies, Eckerd and Fotopoulos continue to develop the team into a dominating powerhouse squad.


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MAKING DECISIONS WITH RELEVANT DATA  A mountain of growing player information will not necessarily get you any closer to winning a National Championship. Teams must first decide what type of culture is going to predominate: one of driving athletes to the brink in every session, or one of a more specialized intensity, rest, and recovery informed by data and more scientific methods. JST and our clients are big proponents of the data-driven method of individual athlete and team training.

We can help make sense of your data, no matter how you're collecting it, or what types of player monitoring you are using now. Without changing your whole method of training or overhauling the drill protocols that you currently have in place. Cut to the essence of the story that your data is trying to tell. Make it easier to report your progress and your essential warnings to coaches so that they understand the science behind your recommendations. Let us help you get there.

" I have had the incredible privilege of working with so many dedicated athletes who have achieved great results with our program within their particular sports.  I applaud all of their incredible efforts and success. These athletes have shared many common traits such as discipline, hard work and focus as well as possessing natural talent, talent, and the drive to become great athletes and outstanding human beings." 

  Jodie Johnson CSCS  Cheif Of Technologies CEO of JST and PRODIGY  SPORTS SCIENCE   

Jodie has assisted over 100 Athletes in gaining college scholarships in their various sports.  And has had the great fortune to see many of his athletes make the successful transitions. Jodie has had the great fortune to see many of his JSF and JST athletes make the successful transitions to NCAA Division I and on to Major Pro Sports including: 

Caz Puirowski   Aaron Murray   Mike Peterson   Antonio Russell   Denard Span   Logan Payne   Todd Yoder   Jordan Schafer    Kenny Wilson    Danielle Fotopoulos    Robert Marve    Scott Peek   CJ Bennett


The Up and Coming  Mattias Ciabatti   Christian Green   Orson Charles   Eric Ortiz   Andy Embody   Dillon Floyd    Robert Gibbons    Michael Attal     Our JST Technology Clients 

Developing the Complete Athlete 



JST Sports-Specific Speed Training Program  

"Whether you have had some speed training in the past or not, regardless of how fast you already are, you can run faster and will run faster with Jodie Johnson, certified track coach, and Johnson Sports Training workouts and concentrated methods. "

"Jodie & Johnson Sports was a significant force in the development of my two son’s athletic abilities from Middle School through High School, and now on into college. Both of their overall athleticism and strength has improved greatly through each stage with Jodie’s guidance &   training techniques. My sons always know that Jodie is relentless and going to challenge them to improve.”

 Hiram Green, Former College Basketball Player,     Johnson Sports Fitness Parent

Johnson Sports’ athletic development programs are designed for all levels of athletes from Youth to Pro.  The emphasis for each of our athletes is to improve athleticism and reduce the risk of injury.  Our individually customized programs start with assesment- identifying the athletes’ strengths and weaknesses in conjunction with their age, sport and level of competition.  Through these parameters our athlete sports-specific training programs are constructed.  We categorize our athletic development training programs according to desired outcomes and levels of successful attainment of their goals. Read more here... 

Pro Athletic Preparation

                               NFL Combine/Pro Day/Tryout Prep

                               Pro Athletic Development

                               Pro – Veteran Program

                               Pro – In-Season Maintenance

           Through to ongoing Pro Consulting not only in the off-season, but during their competitive seasons and throughout their careers. -      





-       Learn proper mechanics

-       Make your first step more explosive

-       Increase your top-end speed

-       Learn the 3 phases of a sprint

-       Improve sports-specific speed i.e. 40 yards-football, 60 yards-baseball

-       Attain more complete acceleration, better deceleration, change of direction and reaction time 



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See more Here 

“Jodie and Johnson Sports helped me increased my baseball speed and strength helping me to improve my base running, have more range in centerfield and hit my first professional baseball home runs.  Jodie’s workouts are intense and focus on my baseball-specific needs.”

Kenny Wilson, Toronto Blue Jays Pro Baseball Organization, 2nd Round MLB Baseball draft pick. 

Our sports-specific training programs are designed to maximize your performance in your sport while reducing the risk of injury.  The JST sports-specific program improves your speed, strength, power, and agility as it relates to your sport and particular position,  We meet the demands and the must-have skills and capabilities that the top level stars of your sport possess. Your flexibility, balance, endurance and body composition is also taken into account as we design a custom training and skills development plan for you.  All of these components of athleticism synergistically work together to optimize your performance to reach and exceed your current peak abilities.  Johnson Sports Training strives to develop an all around peak performing athlete by concentrating on fundamentals such as improving the form and technique of your running skills with sequences of drills and exercises to create the explosiveness and endurance it takes to dominate at your position. 

 Our Sports Specific Programs

Football    Baseball    Basketball    Soccer    Tennis    Volleyball   Running and speed    Swimming    Lacrosse    Golf    Olympic Track and Field Events 



Zephyr Users Quotes

It’s no longer about the coach’s opinion. It’s data,” said Khosroshahin, who led the USC Soccer team from 2007 to 2013.

The greatest benefit of the data, he said, was it helped to prevent injuries, especially big ones such as strained and torn anterior cruciate knee ligaments.

“It’s not a freak event, injuries,” Khosroshahin said. “It’s fatigue.



 Discussing the advantages of JST provided Zephyr Monitoring to Seattle University's Human Performance Lab and Men's Soccer team. 

 The Seattle University Center for the Study of Sport and Exercise joined forces with the men’s soccer program to use state-of-the-art technology ( Zephyr GPS Provided by JST ) to improve player performance, coaching, and training. 

“This goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to maximizing student- athlete performance,” said
  Professor Eric Dugan, director of the Center for the Study of Sport and Exercise. “We can identify the strengths
  and the weaknesses of each player. We can monitor performance during practices and during games. We can
  give the coach and his staff a level of specificity that can be used to individualize training for each player.”

“It’s exciting for them and for me because technology is opening up the door to allow us to get into athlete-  
     specific training,”  Coach Pete Fewing said. 


Sean Machak







focusing ruthlessly on shoring up weaknesses.

...Third, they play with time, slowing the action down, then speeding it up, to learn its inner architecture.

struggling in certain targeted ways—operating at the edges of your ability, where you make mistakes—makes you smarter. Or to put it a slightly different way, experiences where you're forced to slow down, make errors and correct them—as you would if you were walking up an ice-covered hill, slipping and stumbling as you go—end up making you swift and graceful without your realizing it.



" Try again. Fail again. Fail better. " —Samuel Beckett

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