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JST Services

JOHNSON SPORTS TRAINING JST has years of successfully training athletes to compete at the highest levels of their sports. We can help you develop strategies for building your Sports Technology, Athlete Performance Business, or Training Products company to its pinnacle and beyond.   JST Practical Solutions for Team Sports and Athlete Performance consultants can work directly with owners, entrepreneurs, former Pro athletes, managers, strength coaches, performance staff, specialists, Doctors, Athletic Directors, Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists and technology engineers.

JST Consulting helps your business to navigate and leverage the latest developments in Sports Science, bleeding-edge performance technologies, staff and sales training, customer service, marketing, forecasting, promotion, and nurturing your clients, down to the day to day operation of your facility.  There are several ways for your business to work with JST: partnering, exclusive or non-exclusive distribution or sales, market sector development, retained ongoing sports science consulting and or business advising.
  • Develop new markets in your industry space
  • Manufacturing equipment and component design and sourcing
  • Technology consulting and concept training
  • Equipment recommendations and purchasing
  • Innovations in product capabilities and performance training design
  • Advanced sales to Pro and Elite athletes and teams
  • Hiring the right trainers, engineering, sales and support staff
  • Strategic partnering

 Why JST? Exposure to the bleeding edge of applied Sports technologies LEARN MORE HERE   OUR CLIENTS    



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Speed Training

Johnson Sports JST will take your sports-specific running speed to the next level regardless of your age or training level.  Whether you have had some speed training in the past or not, regardless of how fast you already are, you can run faster and will run faster with JST proven methods. Jodie Johnson, certified track coach, assisting you with an effective speed development program that has worked for some of the Nation's top College and Pro athletes  Our comprehensive program will provide the following benefits:


  • -     Improve your running technique
  • -       Learn proper mechanics
  • -       Make your first step more explosive
  • -       Increase your top-end speed
  • -       Learn the 3 phases of a sprint
  • -       Improve sports-specific speed i.e. 40 yards-football, 60 yards-baseball
  • -       Attain better acceleration, deceleration, change of direction & reaction
  • “Jodie and Johnson Sports JST have provided me with improved speed throughout my career, from High School to the NFL Level.  In the NFL, Jodie and JST had a significant impact during my off-season training increasing all facets of my acceleration including my top-end speed and allowing me to run faster than I ever have.” 

         Logan Payne, Former NFL Wide Receiver

Through a composite program of exercises and drills which include running technique drills, sprinting drills, explosive plyometric training, and Olympic lifting, upper and lower resistance exercise training, balance & coordination training, core strengthening, flexibility and range of motion exercises added to speed-specific endurance training.  These exercises and each drill are implemented in a specialized way, at ever increasing levels of complexity as your mastery of the skills becomes realized. Training in this manner is the key to learning from the ground up literally the proper fundamental body movements to ensure that you will be running your fastest when it is most important: when the games begin or the race starts.

The JST program begins with a thorough evaluation which upon completion of the testing and assessment, a customized training program is developed for the specific athlete to ensure that the increased speed goals are attained. 

A typical sports-specific speed enhancement program entails 2-4 sessions of training per week.  Some accelerated programs can involve as many as 5-6 days per week.  

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Sports Tech & Analytics Consulting

Performance Tech Consulting, Predictive Analytics, Injury Prevention, effective athlete monitoring, intensity, loading, speed, peak forces, RFD, periodization, and enhanced competition-specific driil creation and periodization design.

Jodie Johnson, Elite Speed, Strength and Conditioning Coach of athletes for the last 18 years, engineered the Prodigy Data Visualization and SAE training system over the course of the last 12 years while training Pro and Collegiate pro-bound athletes. 

Early in his career, Jodie noticed that a significant number of his athletes were substantially improving in their athleticism but did not see similar improvements on that level in game performance or advancement in their sports. As an athlete growing up, Jodie personally experienced the improved athleticism that is the result of an effective and well-designed strength and conditioning program. The lack of real sports success by many of his gym's hardest training athlete’s had Johnson perplexed. Using his engineering problem-solving skills, Jodie realized that if he trained speed as if it were a sports skill - real and amazing gains could be had that actually translated to greater crucial skills performance during games and competitions.

When Johnson successfully applied sound strength and conditioning principals to the speed skill acquisition drills that he was implementing in his "Get Faster" skill regimen-his athletes attained significant and often elite speed levels and skills.

Jodies's novel methods of speed skill training were making a huge difference on the field, court, and the track for his athletes at Johnson Sports Fitness. Johnson deduced that if speed skill could be attained using these strength and conditioning processes and protocols, combined with properly designed Speed skill drills at the right times, then virtually any sports skill could be attained at a higher level. Skills that stuck that were developed in an optimal and appropriate time frame, with the added benefit of lower levels of injury-risk. These proven principals: utilizing appropriately designed drills for particular positions and sports created Johnson's training facility success- the Gym in Tampa was soon filled Pros and High-level Division I and Olympic athletes training during the offseason. The foundations of JST and Prodigy SAE were born.

Skills that stuck, that were developed in an optimal and appropriate time frame, with the added benefit of lower levels of injury-risk. These proven principals: utilizing appropriately designed drills for particular positions and sports created Johnson's training facility success- the Gym in Tampa was soon filled Pros and High-level Division I and Olympic athletes training during the offseason. The foundations of JST and Prodigy SAE were born.

Today JST is a highly effective small company that trains elite level clientele and provides consulting, coaching, and program-wide specific monitoring methods to strength and performance staff of US Military, Pro NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL teams, as well as Championship contender NCAA organizations throughout North America.  

Companies regularly seek out JST expertise in designing, engineering, implementing, and releasing solutions, apps, and new technologies to the broader Sports Market.  

JST assists companies in avoiding the pitfalls of developing, designing, and applying new technologies specifically geared for the elite level sports market. It is our business. JST is trusted by hundreds of elite level Teams and Military personnel. We can introduce your company and your products to our long list of pro and NCAA clients who trust us with their acquisition of new technology. We can help with the design, testing and initial roll out of tech products, apps and systems to the highly competitive US and Canadien Sports marketplace.

Our expertise can be an invaluable resource guide for determining and improving the viability of your product to elite strength and performance coaches and top-level, high-exposure Pro and Collegiate teams.  JST has been instrumental in the launch and success of many technologies that are now ubiquitous in the elite level training space. We have assisted many championship teams and helped high-level athlete rise to unprecedented success in their sports by introducing them to the latest advances in sports science technologies and training methods.

We can help companies to avoid leaping blindly into the world of Sports Tech and ensure that when companies translate their new technologies for specific sports applications that these technologies are reliable, robust, and relevant to those organizations.  JST provides a proven marketing approach and leverages our long-standing network of pro and NCAA coaches so that your product can be in demand by the top performance, speed, training, and skills coaches in the industry.  


JST  has unique and long-standing relationships with Pro and College athletes at the top of their game and access to effective sports coaches that aren't afraid to try new technologies. These ties go back nearly two decades. Johnson Sports Training successful methods and applied technology have helped hundreds of individual athletes and teams reach the upper tiers of Olympic, NCAA, and Pro Sports. We can help your company navigate the organizations and contact the highly sought after and hard to reach performance staff of these elite teams. We can introduce and plan the marketing of your products to some of the winningest coaches and teams in every division and echelon of sports from High School up to the top Pros. 

JST has one goal: the Engineering Of Spectacular Athletes. A passion that has fueled a company and can propel your team and your company into a new highly coveted market position within the world of elite sports and human performance.

Call Jodie Johnson today to learn how to launch your product, idea or technology to a broader market or come visit our partner facilities in Tampa, FL   CALL 813 389 5032


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DARTFISH Video Capture

Capture, Analyzze, Share,, Stop motion video movement analysis...

Coming in 2017

ACCELERATED SKILLS DEVELOPMENT  Prodigy Skills Acquisition™ a Johnson Sports Training Exclusive Consulting Program for Grading and Improving Sports Specific Skills.

Where great coaching and hard training meets superior science. For coaches and athletes, JST delivers a proven method of converting raw athleticism and inherent talent/capabilities into elite and superior skill levels in any sport. Perfecting new skills and ensuring that athletes stay healthy and uninjured.


Prodigy SAE is Rapid sport-specific and position-specific skills engineering.  An exclusive method of advanced applied movement biomechanics for a tremendous game and competitive advantage over your competition.

More than simple game-like training scenarios  Game speed is not always the right speed to move at for many of your athletes when they are learning the complex mechanics of new skills.


JOHNSON SPORTS TRAINING- JST not only provides the most advanced monitoring and performance tools available to pro and college sports teams, JST has been the leading proponent and creator of skills training systems and theories for the last eighteen years that have propelled some of Today's Premier Pro Players and Olympic Athletes to successful careers.

Johnson's methods continue to keep Pro & Collegiate Elite Players, Teams, and Strength and Performance Coaches at the very top of true peak performance levels in their respective sports.

No real skill improvement can be gained without a thorough understanding of an athlete's strengths and deficits. The real level of an athlete's skill must be assessed and understood as completely as possible before prescribing a course of action to improve individual position-specific skills.

JST Prodigy Skills Training System has many benefits:

  • Attain elite and superior levels of any sports specific skill within the specific demands of the sport in an optimal amount of time.
  • Obtain these elite skill levels while minimizing the risk of overtraining.
  • Ensure skill levels are at their peak at the most critical competitive times.
  • Gain superior confidence in your training processes realizing that your skill development effort is producing consistent and outstanding results.
  • Skill acquisition success will make your most motivated and committed athletes want to practice more than ever before.
  • Increased confidence comes naturally from increased abilities which create outstanding performances at the most critical times in competition.

 No other skills system has the elite-level technologies and assessment tools that Johnson Sports Training has developed:

  • The overall running technique improves 10 fold through implementing Prodigy Skill Training Program along with Sprint Technique Training Drills. Several athletes have excelled in Track Field events and sprint events including the 100 Meter High Hurdles and 800 Meter Sprint.
  • Baseball Coaches – Hitting and Catching instructors have seen their Athletes skill levels jump substantially.
  • Collegiate Soccer Coaches see their team’s soccer skills improve substantially at all times during their matches and increased games won per season.
  • Soccer athletes have seen their skill levels rise far enough to achieve professional contracts with pro clubs in the US and Europe.
  • Pro Football Athletes – observe their position techniques improve substantially to gain NFL and Arena Football Contracts.
  • Pro Basketball Athlete saw his skill level rise substantially to assist in gaining new contracts and extend his pro career.  
  • Tennis athletes have seen their skill level increase substantially.

Hundreds of Pro, Collegiate and Scholastic athletes attaining superior and significantly improved Speed Skill in the JST Speed Training Program which implements The Prodigy SAE Training System™.  Several athletes have received pro contracts and collegiate scholarships as well as starting spots on their High School programs 

    • Prodigy System Utilizes advanced technologies for assessment and objective measuring.
    • Appropriate explanation and demonstration to ensure full understanding of a skill and its component parts.
    • Skill Segmentation ™ Segmented Drills to break compound skills and specific movement patterns into manageable and achievable mastery and integration.
    • Best Rep - Peak Rep™ - Training Focus stressing and emphasizing skill and proper optimal technique in reps and movement patterns over intensity in execution.
    • Pushing the envelope with incremental higher intensity levels while maintaining the integrity of the skill biomechanics.
    • Mental and Psychological skill preparedness mindsets.
    • Prioritizing skill over intensity for the athlete's current skill level and optimized for proper energy system management efficiency.
    • Minimizing the negative effect higher drill intensities can have on skills which have not been fully developed or mastered yet at the higher level of velocity or intensity of execution.
    • Develop a list of drills and a very important often overlooked principle is the length of each drill related to a certain number of repetitions that are used for developing each essential skill.

Like Denard Span of the MLB San Francisco Giants a long-standing JST Training and Skills Client.  Denard has trained with Jodie Johnson and JST since his HighSchool days.

Denard 2016 sfg nl

 Coach Jodie Johnson has been helping athletes exceed their peaks for almost two decades at the high school, collegiate, and pro levels.

2017 2012 bluejays spring train vertimax w JJ

Coach Jodie Johnson Training Videos   ©JST 2017

prodigy un








explosion per drill jst rock





Guizar t



Kansas Jayhawks Practice 2016

Logan Payne, Kenny Wilson,  Todd Yoder

JST Training Technologies That We Distribute

JST is the world's premiere US distributor and consultant for KINEXON LPS, FITLIGHT Reaction Trainer and Laser Timer, Vertimax Band Training Platforms, Zephyr GPS Peak Performance Monitoring technologies, and CMP+ . JST enjoys a number of high profile pro, college and military special forces clients who use various Tracking Technologies like Johnson's own Prodigy Data Visualization, and advanced technologies like KINEXON LPS and its Analytics Platform, Zephyr, and CoachMePlus to develop championship level teams that are highly effective.

Johnson is also the former Science and Business Development Director for the VertiMax Corporation. Jodie's ongoing partnership agreement as a Sports Performance Consultant for numerous companies has placed a great demand on JST  Novel methods of Training, Rapid Skills acquisition, Sports Science Acumen. Johnson and JST continue to use the Prodigy Skills Acquisition models and theories along with a number of advanced sports performance enhancing technologies like KINEXON, Zephyr, and the FitLight reaction trainer system to train elite level Pro, Collegiate and High school athletes to reach the very pinnacle of their respective sports.

Jodie operated the Johnson Sports Training Facility which was open for 16 years in Tampa Florida training youth, high school, college and pro athletes. He still operates Johnson Sports Training as a Sports Training Technology consultant and distributor of the cutting edge of applied sports science and athlete monitoring performance enhancing technologies.


a proven system to not only win more but win and sustain winning- dominating without injury. Triumph without degradation, throughout a complete season and beyond. 

For any athlete or team, winning is the goal. Yes, but always with the longevity and future of your athlete's careers always kept at the forefront of training practices. How your team designs periodization, training. and the preparation for competition success makes all the difference.

Adding critical science practices and principles to the art of Coaching to greatly enhance athlete skills acquisition!

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PRODIGY Data Visualization


See how straightforward and comprehensive the interactive data sorting capabilities of Prodigy are with the short screen videos below. With Tableau Reader and your custom Prodigy data workbooks, performance and coaching staff now have a powerful method to compare: individuals, multiple athletes, position groups, or the whole team.  With Customizable  Dashboards that can easily isolate individuals or position groups so that each coach has access to the most relevant data
Johnson Sports Training JST is not only the premier distributor and consulting company for KINEXON IPS.  We are also the number one distributor and training consultant of Zephyr's GPS BIO Performance Technology for elite athletes and Division I and Pro sports teams in the US.  JST has been instrumental as a consultant and partner in the design and development of Medtronic Zephyr’s unique metrics and data sets for the Zephyr BioHarness athlete peak performance monitoring system.
Johnson has developed many unique methods of deriving relevant measures, optimizing algorithms, and applying solid sports science that can help coaches better derive meaning and usefulness from their monitoring data and technologies:  Peak force, Rate of Force Development, Movement Performance Efficiency MPE™, Athletic Conditioning Capacity ACC™, ForcePrint™, and SkillPrint™ and other power metric variable calculations and data sets that are now commonly found in several of our partner company's products (and in competitor's Products). JST has been highly instrumental in developing, testing, and refining many of the innovations which are currently in Medtronic Zephyr’s latest accelerometry processor, BioModule, and ongoing Software releases from 2013-2017.
We have Developed a Performance Data Visualization Product and Service for performance & strength coaches and team sports science staff that is the first of its kind.  Exclusively Available Through JST  learn more here
JST Prodigy Analytics and Visualization is a unique service that provides secure team athlete performance dashboards that are personalized and highly customizable to enables coaches to assess training data daily or weekly.  Secure access online for team performance coaches, management, and the athletic training staff.
The above workbook file can be opened on a Mac or Windows with the free tableau reader available here
Picture2016Drill Avg Movement intensity
Above:  Sample Dashboard Screen from Prodigy showing team drill Intensities.

JOHNSON SPORTS TRAINING JST PRODIGY SPORTS is the premier US distributor of KINEXON Indoor and Outdoor Local Positioning System, Zephyr GPS tracking technologies, COACHMEPLUS, Fitlight Reaction Trainer, Vertimax band training equipment, DartFish and a host of performance systems and tools for advanced athlete performance enhancement and coaching.  We provide Physiological and biomechanical movement monitoring, performance improvement technologies, analytics, and skills acquisition solutions for Elite US and Canadian Team Sports, Military Human Performance Groups, and Special Forces in harm's way around the globe.  


JST  PHONE:   813 389 5032       email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m

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CoachMe Plus


laptop CMP scale003 deskBluetooth CM+SCALE for daily weight
The use of technology in sports performance evaluation and the collecting of athlete health and readiness data is crucial to a modern team's success. Playing a leading role in the arena is CoachMePlus. Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, CoachMePlus works with Elite professional, collegiate, and high school sports teams to manage their athletes’ sports performance data.

The Platform integrates with numerous wearable and measurement devices, CoachMePlus develops unique reports and dashboards for teams that allow faster, more accurate and all-encompassing data delivery
This software allows you to quickly uncover performance trends to evaluate game-day readiness. You’ll spend more time with your athletes and less time searching for data and compiling spreadsheets and reports to make sense of it all
Spend more time with your athletes, and less time with a spreadsheet by managing all of your sports science data in one central location.
  • Supply your own exercise videos
  • Monitor day-to-day health and wellness data
  • Match qualitative data with quantitative data to make faster, smarter game day decisions


At the intersection of Sports Science, new technologies for gathering athlete data, and the pursuit of superior athlete game performance there is a growing chasm of how to organize, control, and make sense of the vast amount of athlete data being collected. This trend is growing and can often add another layer of complexity for an organization's busy staff.

CoacMePlus was designed to manage these data sets and provides a centralized platform for complete athlete information for your team. The CMP+ platform offers a set of daily monitoring tools that allow coaches at all levels in your program to make effective game day and overall strategy decisions faster.  

Concise efficiently delivered data to assess the capacity, and competition readiness of your entire roster every day. Coaches can maximize the usefulness of player data, no matter how it was collected to uncover trends and monitor the day to day health of every athlete in the organization.
Learn More
We position your organization to respond to the rapidly changing world of sports science by tracking athlete information with one centralized system. 


The speed of information is critical and CoachMePlus allows you to collect and distribute information quickly and efficiently. Certain athlete information, such as hydration and cardiac readiness, is most valuable when it is available on a real time basis; it is not helpful to know that an athlete was dehydrated three days ago. With simple and timely information, coaches and trainers can best prepare their athletes for the events of the day. By designing and customizing a monitoring program that works for their team, athletic trainers and sports performance coaches are now better positioned to keep their players on the field.


Centralized Team Access Point  
Spend more time with your athletes, and less time with a spreadsheet by managing all of your sports science data in one central location.

Tie in all of your device data in a secure and central location. Allow testing and assessment information to be seen across the organization without endlessly compiling and re-compiling reports.
"If monitoring is not part of your daily rhythm then it is hard to know where the athlete is trending, and without regular monitoring it is like closing your eyes and throwing a dart at the board…good luck on hitting a bullseye!."
Erik Korem       
University of Kentucky Football
Keeping star athletes and all of your players healthy and at their peak performance level is critical to the on-going success of a team. Athletic trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, sports science directors, and sports coaches all play a role in monitoring the health and performance of elite athletes.

Tracking how an athlete’s body is responding to previous exertion influences future training sessions and game-day readiness.

By providing real-time device data and insight into athletes’ conditions, CoachMePlus can provide coaches with physiological information about their athletes. By displaying the device-generated readiness information next to GPS load data, daily hydration, coaches’ notes and body composition, coaches can get a quick and comprehensive view of each athlete on their entire roster.
"The goal is that it allows you to stay ahead of the curve and be smarter in your decision making, which allows you to keep your players healthier and train them harder. That gives you a better chance to be on the right side of the scoreboard."
Rick Franzblau      Clemson Men's Soccer

COACHMEPLUS facilitates Improved communication across your entire organization giving your coaches the tools they need to effectively and rapidly make decisions that make your athletes and your teams better.


CALL JST TODAY at 813 389 5032 for aCMP+ Quote for your Organization

Recent News

CoachMePlus and  Fusionetics Announce a Partnership

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