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Sports Technology Consulting

JST is a highly effective company that provides consulting, coaching, and program-wide specific monitoring consulting to Technology companies and strength and performance staff of:

  • US Military,
  • NFL,
  • NBA,
  • MLB,
  • NHL teams, as well as
  • NCAA organizations 

Companies regularly seek out JST expertise in the sports market for:

  • designing,
  • engineering,
  • implementing, and
  • releasing solutions, apps, and new technologies
  • technology certification programs

JST assists companies in avoiding the pitfalls of developing, designing, and applying new technologies specifically geared for the elite level sports market. It is our business. JST is trusted by hundreds of elite level Teams and Military personnel. We can introduce your company and your products to our long list of pro and NCAA clients who trust us with their acquisition of new technology. We can help with the design, testing and initial roll out of tech products, apps and systems to the highly competitive US and Canadien Sports marketplace.

Our expertise can be an invaluable resource guide for determining and improving the viability of your product to elite strength and performance coaches and top-level, high-exposure Pro and Collegiate teams.  JST has been instrumental in the launch and success of many technologies that are now ubiquitous in the elite level training space. We have assisted many championship teams and helped high-level athlete rise to unprecedented success in their sports by introducing them to the latest advances in sports science technologies and training methods.  Our Founder, Jodie Johnson, who is an Elite Speed, Strength and Conditioning Coach of athletes for over 20 years and Technology Engineer, engineered the Prodigy SAE training system over the course of the last 12 years while training Pro and Collegiate pro-bound athletes. 

We can help companies to avoid leaping blindly into the world of Sports Tech and ensure that when companies translate their new technologies for specific sports applications that these technologies are reliable, robust, and relevant to those organizations.  JST provides a proven marketing approach and leverages our long-standing network of pro and NCAA coaches so that your product can be in demand by the top performance, speed, training, and skills coaches in the industry.  


JST  has unique and long-standing relationships with Pro and College athletes at the top of their game and access to effective sports coaches that aren't afraid to try new technologies. These ties go back nearly two decades. Johnson Sports Training successful methods and applied technology have helped hundreds of individual athletes and teams reach the upper tiers of Olympic, NCAA, and Pro Sports. We can help your company navigate the organizations and contact the highly sought after and hard to reach performance staff of these elite teams. We can introduce and plan the marketing of your products to some of the winningest coaches and teams in every division and echelon of sports from High School up to the top Pros. 

JST has one goal: the Engineering Of Spectacular Athletes. A passion that has fueled a company and can propel your team and your company into a new highly coveted market position within the world of elite sports and human performance.

Call Jodie Johnson today to learn how to launch your product, idea or technology to a broader market or come visit our facility in Clearwater, FL    CALL 813 389 5032