PRODIGY SAE - Skill Acquisition Engineering

ACCELERATING AND ENHANCING SKILL DEVELOPMENT with Prodigy Skills Acquisition Engineering (SAE)™ is Johnson Sports Training's Exclusive Consulting Program for Grading and Improving Sports Specific Skills.

Where great coaching and hard training meets superior science. For coaches and athletes, JST delivers a proven method of converting raw athleticism and inherent talent/capabilities into elite and superior skill levels in any sport. Perfecting new skills and ensuring that athletes stay healthy and uninjured.


Prodigy SAE is a sport-specific and position-specific skills engineering system.  An exclusive method of advanced applied movement system for a tremendous game and competitive advantage over your competition.

More than simple game-like training scenarios  Game speed is not always the right speed to move at for many of your athletes when they are learning the complex mechanics of new skills.

The real level of an athlete's skill must be assessed and understood as completely as possible before engineering a course of action to improve individual position-specific skills.

JST Prodigy Skills Training System has many benefits:

  • Attain elite and superior levels of any sports specific skill within the specific demands of the sport in an optimal amount of time.
  • Obtain these elite skill levels while minimizing the risk of overtraining.
  • Ensure skill levels are at their peak at the most critical competitive times.
  • Gain superior confidence in your training processes realizing that your skill development effort is producing consistent and outstanding results.
  • Skill acquisition success will make your most motivated and committed athletes want to practice more than ever before.
  • Increased confidence comes naturally from increased abilities which create outstanding performances at the most critical times in competition.

 Utilizing the Prodigy SAE system:

  • The overall running technique improves 10 fold through implementing Prodigy Skill Training Program along with Sprint Technique Training Drills. Several athletes have excelled in Track Field events and sprint events including the 100 Meter High Hurdles and 800 Meter Sprint.
  • Baseball Coaches – Hitting and Catching instructors have seen their Athletes skill levels jump substantially.
  • Collegiate Soccer Coaches see their team’s soccer skills improve substantially at all times during their matches and increased games won per season.
  • Soccer athletes have seen their skill levels rise far enough to achieve professional contracts with pro clubs in the US and Europe.
  • Pro Football Athletes – observe their position techniques improve substantially to gain NFL and Arena Football Contracts.
  • Pro Basketball Athlete saw his skill level rise substantially to assist in gaining new contracts and extend his pro career.  
  • Tennis athletes have seen their skill level increase substantially.

The Prodigy SAE System will:

  • Assesses current skill levels 
  • Skill Segmentation ™ Segmented Drills to break compound skills and specific movement patterns into manageable and achievable mastery and integration.
  • Peak Rep™ - Training Focus stressing and emphasizing skill and proper optimal technique in reps and movement patterns over intensity in execution.
  • Pushing the envelope with incremental higher intensity levels while maintaining the integrity of the skill biomechanics.
  • Prioritizing skill over intensity for the athlete's current skill level and optimized for proper energy system management efficiency.
  • Minimizing the negative effect higher drill intensities can have on skills which have not been fully developed or mastered yet at the higher level of velocity or intensity of execution.
  • Develop a list of drills and a very important often overlooked principle is the length of each drill related to a certain number of repetitions that are used for developing each essential skill.

Denard Span of the MLB was a long-standing JST Client.  Denard has trained with Jodie Johnson and JST since the beginning of his pro career in the Minor Leagues and a significant amout of time in the Major Leagues.

Denard 2016 sfg nl

 Coach Jodie Johnson has been helping athletes exceed their peaks for more that two decades at the high school, collegiate, and pro levels.

2017 2012 bluejays spring train vertimax w JJ

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