Speed Training

Johnson Sports JST will take your sports-specific running speed to the next level regardless of your age or training level.  Whether you have had some speed training in the past or not, regardless of how fast you already are, you can run faster and will run faster with JST proven methods. Jodie Johnson, certified track coach, assisting you with an effective speed development program that has worked for some of the Nation's top College and Pro athletes  Our comprehensive program will provide the following benefits:


  • -     Improve your running technique
  • -       Learn proper mechanics
  • -       Make your first step more explosive
  • -       Increase your top-end speed
  • -       Learn the 3 phases of a sprint
  • -       Improve sports-specific speed i.e. 40 yards-football, 60 yards-baseball
  • -       Attain better acceleration, deceleration, change of direction & reaction
  • “Jodie and Johnson Sports JST have provided me with improved speed throughout my career, from High School to the NFL Level.  In the NFL, Jodie and JST had a significant impact during my off-season training increasing all facets of my acceleration including my top-end speed and allowing me to run faster than I ever have.” 

         Logan Payne, Former NFL Wide Receiver

Through a composite program of exercises and drills which include running technique drills, sprinting drills, explosive plyometric training, and Olympic lifting, upper and lower resistance exercise training, balance & coordination training, core strengthening, flexibility and range of motion exercises added to speed-specific endurance training.  These exercises and each drill are implemented in a specialized way, at ever increasing levels of complexity as your mastery of the skills becomes realized. Training in this manner is the key to learning from the ground up literally the proper fundamental body movements to ensure that you will be running your fastest when it is most important: when the games begin or the race starts.

The JST program begins with a thorough evaluation which upon completion of the testing and assessment, a customized training program is developed for the specific athlete to ensure that the increased speed goals are attained. 

A typical sports-specific speed enhancement program entails 2-4 sessions of training per week.  Some accelerated programs can involve as many as 5-6 days per week.  

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