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The use of technology in sports performance evaluation and the collecting of athlete health and readiness data is crucial to a modern team's success. Playing a leading role in the arena is CoachMePlus. Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, CoachMePlus works with Elite professional, collegiate, and high school sports teams to manage their athletes’ sports performance data.

The Platform integrates with numerous wearable and measurement devices, CoachMePlus develops unique reports and dashboards for teams that allow faster, more accurate and all-encompassing data delivery
This software allows you to quickly uncover performance trends to evaluate game-day readiness. You’ll spend more time with your athletes and less time searching for data and compiling spreadsheets and reports to make sense of it all
Spend more time with your athletes, and less time with a spreadsheet by managing all of your sports science data in one central location.
  • Supply your own exercise videos
  • Monitor day-to-day health and wellness data
  • Match qualitative data with quantitative data to make faster, smarter game day decisions


At the intersection of Sports Science, new technologies for gathering athlete data, and the pursuit of superior athlete game performance there is a growing chasm of how to organize, control, and make sense of the vast amount of athlete data being collected. This trend is growing and can often add another layer of complexity for an organization's busy staff.

CoacMePlus was designed to manage these data sets and provides a centralized platform for complete athlete information for your team. The CMP+ platform offers a set of daily monitoring tools that allow coaches at all levels in your program to make effective game day and overall strategy decisions faster.  

Concise efficiently delivered data to assess the capacity, and competition readiness of your entire roster every day. Coaches can maximize the usefulness of player data, no matter how it was collected to uncover trends and monitor the day to day health of every athlete in the organization.
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We position your organization to respond to the rapidly changing world of sports science by tracking athlete information with one centralized system. 


The speed of information is critical and CoachMePlus allows you to collect and distribute information quickly and efficiently. Certain athlete information, such as hydration and cardiac readiness, is most valuable when it is available on a real time basis; it is not helpful to know that an athlete was dehydrated three days ago. With simple and timely information, coaches and trainers can best prepare their athletes for the events of the day. By designing and customizing a monitoring program that works for their team, athletic trainers and sports performance coaches are now better positioned to keep their players on the field.


Centralized Team Access Point  
Spend more time with your athletes, and less time with a spreadsheet by managing all of your sports science data in one central location.

Tie in all of your device data in a secure and central location. Allow testing and assessment information to be seen across the organization without endlessly compiling and re-compiling reports.
"If monitoring is not part of your daily rhythm then it is hard to know where the athlete is trending, and without regular monitoring it is like closing your eyes and throwing a dart at the board…good luck on hitting a bullseye!."
Erik Korem       
University of Kentucky Football
Keeping star athletes and all of your players healthy and at their peak performance level is critical to the on-going success of a team. Athletic trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, sports science directors, and sports coaches all play a role in monitoring the health and performance of elite athletes.

Tracking how an athlete’s body is responding to previous exertion influences future training sessions and game-day readiness.

By providing real-time device data and insight into athletes’ conditions, CoachMePlus can provide coaches with physiological information about their athletes. By displaying the device-generated readiness information next to GPS load data, daily hydration, coaches’ notes and body composition, coaches can get a quick and comprehensive view of each athlete on their entire roster.
"The goal is that it allows you to stay ahead of the curve and be smarter in your decision making, which allows you to keep your players healthier and train them harder. That gives you a better chance to be on the right side of the scoreboard."
Rick Franzblau      Clemson Men's Soccer

COACHMEPLUS facilitates Improved communication across your entire organization giving your coaches the tools they need to effectively and rapidly make decisions that make your athletes and your teams better.


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