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KINEXON SPORTS  Benefits and Features

KINEXON LPS (Local Positioning System) is a superior radio technology that has many advantages over GPS and Bluetooth-based monitoring systems which suffer from inconsistent data, limited resolution, and questionable accuracy.

Kinexon has developed a tracking technology that enables the collection of real-time performance data in dynamic sports such as Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, and American Football. Kinexon has created a powerful, intuitive, simple to understand application for visualizing athlete data.

Highly accurate position data allows for analyses of tactical and technical skills execution that have not yet been possible due to technological limitations. 

Kinexon measures and analyzes distance, speed, acceleration, movement, and coordinative performance in real-time.

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Some Features and Benefits of the Kinexon LPS include -

The combination of precise positions, inertial information coupled with physiological data enables insights into stress management, leading to an alert system to predict and prevent injuries.  The system can bring a coach's attention to when a player is overstrained before the situation causes a season-ending injury. predictive analy

Kinexon has been validated by the official timekeeper of the Olympic games and reached an accuracy of below 10cm in indoor and outdoor environments.  The unobtrusive 0.52 oz. movement tracking module contains an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnetometer. This enables the analysis of a broad variety of metrics. Utilizing a "Flexible" wireless anchor channel, the system is not interfered by existing WIFI signals in the arena and not compromised during large events.

  • Heat map illustrating the location densities of the athlete's movements.
  • Historical mapping of jumps, Accelerations, and Decelerations on court, rink, or field/pitch.
  • Individual instantaneous jump and motion data - includes height, distance, flight time, heart rate etc.
  • Synchronizing of Video with the Kinexon Data is available.
  • Heart Rate data integration (BTLE devices like the Zephyr Bio module for instance).
  • Covers multiple courts or field practice facilities. 
  • Portable configurations are also available. 
  • Secure data access on Computers, iPads, and Tablets for viewing live and archived data.
  • Plug & Play: Wire-free infrastructure for an easy in- and outdoor setup within minutes.

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The Kinexon Sensors are attached to the athletes‘ shoulders and send signals to the anchors around the playing field. Being smaller than a matchbox and only weighing 15g, athletes do not even notice wearing them.

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 STRESS LOAD The performance data of each player can be displayed as a grid view. This visualization tool was developed based on the feedback of German Soccer clubs. The coach wanted to see the stress load of players in comparison to each other at a glance. In the following screenshot, the total distance covered by each player is shown in the grid view visualization.  Using context-based performance analysis utilizing precise position and accelerometer data allows coaches to monitor and manage external training load in a more sophisticated way – by having more precise and detailed information on each actual player and complete team load. 


Grid viewThe Kinexon sensors enable coaches to monitor and analyze player load in various physical metrics. Users can customize those metrics as they see fit. Some of those metrics include average heart rate, high metabolic distance load, acceleration load, total distance and more.


" This is the first basketball analytics platform that really captures all relevant information on the physical demands of the game: High speed running in transitions, quick changes of direction on offense and defense, and the load associated with jumps"

HEAT MAPS  In Basketball, HeatMaps help players and coaches to identify “hot” shooting areas and allow drawing conclusions about shooting efficiency, potentially leading to recommendations about better shot-selection. On top of that, it is possible to analyze positional changes of a player over a certain time period, e.g. comparing the beginning with the last minutes of a period or game. two players at the same position can be compared with each other in order to see their relative effectiveness and different playing styles.

heat map


speed stats

DISTANCE STATS  With Kinexon, you can easily measure and analyze players’ performance and load in terms of distance gained in every session or game. It is an important aspect of an athlete’s physical progress and conditioning.



 accel stats


Accelerations and decelerations in relation to several changes of direction can be useful to evaluate players‘ and team‘s movement capabilities (or any deficiencies) and behavior in transition situations and as game or practice loading starts to take its toll on player systems. 

VIDEO INTEGRATION    Kinexon is a complementary solution to current camera tracking technologies. Coaches and players are used to analyzing performance based on video data.  The Kinexon position data does not only enrich the “moving images” but adds a new layer to the analysis.  KINEXON Video Integration is an all in one application: Generate new coaching insights through a combination of training/game videos and our Live Viewer with 2D position visualization.


 “Tactical and technical skills are the decisive elements in professional sports, as all players in professional soccer are on a very high physical level.“

Mirko Slomka, Bundesliga Coach



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Event Detection and Tagging
The Kinexon system automatically detects acceleration sprints and velocity sprints. Together with other events (e.g. change of directions), they are displayed below the playing field. By clicking on them, the replayer moves the action forward to a point just before the event – together with the video. The import of tagging data from video software (e.g. Dartfish, SportsCode) can be done easily with just one click. This saves video analysts and tactical coaches a lot of time in the retrospective.

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